Kadras iš užusienio konkursui skirtos serijos. Apie dvi kartas: "Girls? Boys? Boys? Girls? Doesn't matter who goes first. Doesn't matter how powerful you can be or pretend to others that you are good enough. The truth is that we all need to be loved without a reason. We all need those lovely hands around us just to remember that everything is ok. That is why we always come back for dinners to grandma's place. Even if it is Soviet-style "kotlėtukas". We eat it, despite the fact that it is not so delicious. It is hard to explain... Maybe true love is like this. Maybe our feelings for "Kotlėtukas" are more real than our third or sixth lovers's names who do not exist in our hearts anymore. "

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  • Ndudinemes
      2017.10.12, 08:58, vertino: Paskatinimas, , rašė:
    Gražus peilio kotelis.
  • Eglė Va.
    Eglė Va. 
      2017.10.12, 13:31, rašė:
    Man irgi patinka (:

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